Flash Forms Illegal usage of actionscript

Flash Forms Illegal usage of actionscript

Posted by Luis Majano
Oct 18, 2005 00:00:00 UTC
I have been recently using flash forms in several different locations of my new Textus Coldfusion framework which I have been developing for work. I will soon be placing entries about Textus, to give you an insight into this simple but powerful coldfusion framework.

Anyways, I have been implementing a backup system on Textus and decided to use flash forms to populate a cftree with the backups directory contents. Then from here I can open/delete files. What seemed strange was all these errors I kept receiving, that seemed totally out of place, since my code was straightforward. These were the errors:

Illegal usage of actionscript [email protected]

The following actionscript commands are not allowed: "import, new, delete, createChild, loadmovie, duplicateMovieClip, AttachMovie, registerclass, createTextField, __proto__, uiobjectdescriptor, createclassobject, createemptyobject, createchildatdepth, createchildren, createclasschildatdepth, createobject, createchild, webservice, httpservice, remoteobject".


Oscar Arevalo

What's even more weird: if you put your actionscript code in a separate file and then on your cfform page use:

#include myfile.as

then CF doesn't complain and everything works fine,

Luis Majano

Interesting, nice to know there is a work around. Jejej

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