I have been out of it for the past days with all these hurricanes, and well Wilma pretty much ravaged south florida.

Anyways, I just found out that Ubuntu has release "Breezy Badger" 5.10. I have been using this distro for a long time now and it is incredible. So this will be an upgrade night.

You can download the new Ubuntu from here:


Below are just some of the new features this incredible Linux Distribution has to offer.

On the Desktop

* GNOME 2.12.1

* OpenOffice.org 2.0 beta 2

* X.org 6.8.2 with wider hardware support

* An enhanced tool for easily installing new applications (see "Add Applications" on the Applications menu)

* A new tool which makes it easy to install support for multiple languages (Language Selector)

* Editable GNOME menus

* Applications are now linked into the Launchpad infrastructure (new entries on the Help menus for translation and support)

* Support for writing audio CDs (Serpentine)

* Graphical startup process with progress bar (USplash)

* New documentation (Ubuntu 5.10 Quick Tour and Ubuntu 5.10 FAQ Guide)

* Language packs with updates from the Rosetta translation platform, part of Launchpad.net, which makes contributing translations easy for everybody in any language.

On the Server

* Kernel support for cluster filesystems (OCFS2 and GFS)

* Plone 2.1 & Zope 2.8.1

* PHP5

* Support for automatic storage allocation into LVM volumes

* Built-in thin client functionality produced in cooperation with the LTSP project

* Simple NFS root setup with automatic hardware detection through initramfs-tools

* Support for up to 4 gigabytes of RAM by default on 32-bit architectures

Hardware Support Improvements

* Linux with many updated drivers from third parties

* Further enhancements to laptop support (hot keys, and working suspend/resume on more models)

* HP all-in-one printer/scanner devices are supported out of the box

* Bluetooth input devices (such as keyboards and mice) are supported out of the box

* Multiple audio devices are handled more gracefully (and one can easily select the default device)

* 64-bit PowerPC kernel available


* A new OEM mode to simplify the process of preinstalling Ubuntu on computers for resale or redistribution

* Automatically makes existing hard drive partitions available to the desktop

* Simple "dual boot" configuration with automatic resizing of an existing installed OS

* The second stage of the installation now has a progress bar

"Under the hood"

* GCC 4.0.1

* glibc 2.3.5

* New early userspace infrastructure based on initramfs-tools

* More modular X.org packaging

* Python 2.4.2

As always, Ubuntu includes the very best of the 100% free/libre application software world, and each new release incorporates countless new features and bugfixes from the global development community.