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Spicing up Eclipse with Themes

Posted by Luis Majano
Sep 18, 2014 16:47:00 UTC

I just stumbled upon this site today: after spending so much time on dark IDE themes and going back to ColdFusion Builder, I was getting a nice headache.  I quickly downloaded and installed some nice themes from here and voila!  ColdFusion Builder has come to life with some great new dark themes.  Here is a screenshot of my IDE now:



cf10 and could not initialise class

Posted by Luis Majano
Jun 12, 2013 14:58:20 UTC
I got into a weird error connecting CF Builder 2.01 to CF10 RDS to get some nice DB interactions going.  I was constantly getting the error:

could not initialise class

Both in the logs and as a nasty error popup.  This is reproducible using virtual hosts with Apache, I did not experience this on the standalone CF10 at all.  In Apache I have the CF10 connector installed globally, so I would assume it worked for ALL virtual hosts.  However, for some reason the above error is due to a connector issue.  To fix this, and I have no CLUE as to why it fixes it, but it does. Is to add the following to your virtual host configuration file:

JkMountFile "/Applications/ColdFusion10/config/wsconfig/1/"

This will fix the issue, so go back to builder and click on the refresh server and voila! Issue is gone!  Can someone explain me why?

Need help with CFBuilder 2 CFC resolution

Posted by Luis Majano
May 24, 2011 20:54:04 UTC
I just wanted to see if somebody can help me out something that has completely alluded me with CFBuilder 2.  Here is the scenario.

1. I have a server setup that points to this web root: /sites/cboxdev/core and maps to http://cboxdev.myserver
2. I have a project setup that points to this root: /sites/cboxdev/core/coldbox and is connected to the server above
3. So basically, whenever I open any CFC that points to a CFC: coldbox.system.* Builder complains it cannot find that resolution path.  However, the "coldbox" portion is the project iteself. So how can I tell builder that this project is the actual resolving root?

Does it make sense?

Reverting Eclipse Configurations Ohh My!!

Posted by Luis Majano
Aug 03, 2010 11:25:31 UTC

This has been a true life saver I had no idea about if it where not for my friend Aaron Roberson.  My issue was that I suffered a crash on my box and eclipse was open.  The configuration got messed up and it could not load ColdFusion Builder or Flash Builder.  I have an Eclipse JEE install with CF and Flash builder as plugins on top.  For some strange reason the Eclipse installer reported the plugins as installed, but no perspectives available.  So what do I do?  Reinistall everything again?

Well, this little gem is hidden. So click on Help > Install Software… and look at the following:


Click on the already installed link and you will get another dialog, where click on the configuration tab.  Look for a stable configuration you remember running on and then hit the “Revert” button and voila!! Eclipse configuration restored.  What a life saver!!


URL Prefix + CFBuilder + Nested Applications

Posted by Luis Majano
Jul 30, 2010 11:26:57 UTC
One little caveat when working with CFBuilder is that I was not getting the file preview working on the IDE because it was complaining that my project was not the root of the selected server as you can see below:


The problem is that Builder knows the root of the server but my application project is not on the root of server but on a folder embedded in it.  So in order to make this work, just add a URL prefix to the project.  Right click on the project and click on  "SET URL Prefix":

Click on it and you will get the following dialog and fill out the FULL URL, I tried just the directory, but it did not work, maybe a bug in Builder. So put the FULL URL.

Hope this helps, enjoy!

CFObjective 2010 slidedeck and code

Posted by Luis Majano
Apr 23, 2010 12:10:54 UTC
If you where not able to attend my ColdBox 3.0.0 presentation at CFObjective (Shame on you!), now you can at least see the presso and the source code we used.  Just head out to our wiki and download it now.

To those who attended, thank you very much!


ColdBox Platform Utilities a ColdFusion Builder Extension

Posted by Luis Majano
Aug 25, 2009 00:00:00 UTC

Sana Ullah, from Team ColdBox, started this project a while back and it has gotten quite some traction that we are now releasing a 1.0 of this extension for Adobe ColdFusion Builder.

If you do not know that we now have a ColdFusion IDE then you have been living under a rock. Anyways, you can get the beta of Adobe ColdFusion Builder first and then follow to install our ColdBox Platform Utilities extension.

Our ColdFusion Builder extension can generate 3 custom coldbox templates and you can even extend it to create your own layouts. It comes packaged with three layouts: Advanced, Simple and Flex ColdBox templates.

You can then generate handlers, interceptors, plugins, model objects, views and so much more. You can even choose between tag based and full cfscript syntax.

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