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Railo Visiting the IECFUG in Cal Poly Pomona!

Posted by Luis Majano
Jul 28, 2008 00:00:00 UTC
If you are in the OC area or the Inland Empire, we would like to invite you to our CFUG this coming Friday, August 1st 2008 at 7PM. We will be hosting Gert Franz on an incredible Railo Presentation. You can find more information about our CFUG and our location by visiting our website. We meet at Cal Poly Pomona University in Room 98C 4-27 (campus map)

Railo ( is a CFML engine that runs on a wide variety of Java servlet engines, and provides a cost-effective, high performance alternative to using Adobe's ColdFusion engine. As you may have heard, at the Scotch on the Rocks ColdFusion conference in Scotland in June, Railo announced that they are partnering with JBoss to convert their software to a completely free, open-source offering.

Gert Franz, CEO of Railo and member of the recently founded CFML advisory committee, will be visiting to present an overview of Railo, and what the advantages of using Railo are for CFML developers. He’ll also be talking about the upcoming open-source conversion of Railo, and what that means for the community and the developers. Of course, Gert will have some free versions of the Railo software to hand out, and some other goodies as well.

Railo goes Open Source!!

Posted by Luis Majano
Jun 05, 2008 00:00:00 UTC
WOW!! I got the news today and I am extremely happy for Railo Technologies. They will release a CFML version at, which is the leading j2ee engine. I am super excited about this news, because I love the Railo cfml engine. It is snappy, responsive and extremely compatible. What I love the most is:

As part of the work with Railo, the community will be working on

several enhancements to provide CFML developers tag-based access to

JBoss core functionalities, including JBoss Cache and Messaging.

Finally, some CFML JBoss Cache!!! Again, these are great news and congrats to the Railo crew on trying to expand CFML to the massess.

Railo 3.0 New Features

Posted by Luis Majano
Jun 05, 2008 00:00:00 UTC
I was just going over the Railo 3.0 new features and the following just smacked me in my forehead!!

New features

Amazon S3 resource

Cluster Scope

instance synchronization

Spooler with frontend in the admin for mail, thread-tasks, instance synchronization

Definition of constants in the Railo XML

Cluster scope and synchronization!! WOW!! These are features that anybody running on a cluster would appreciate. I am excited to try this out.

Railo 2.0 and ColdBox!! A great Combo!!

Posted by Luis Majano
Aug 29, 2007 00:00:00 UTC

If you have not heard about Railo, then you should. It is an excellent CFML engine and best of all, the pricing on it is awesome. ColdBox is fully supported under the new Railo 2.0 and let me tell you, it FLIES!! Railo on itself is an incredibly fast CFML engine. You add ColdBox to the mix and you have a powerful combination. You can go here and find out more information about Railo & ColdBox.

ColdBox can also be converted into a Railo archive and all the new upcoming releases will include the framework in Railo Archive format. So if you haven't checked out Railo, then do, it is a great CFML alternative.

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