Coldfusion introduced the use of web services in coldfusion MX and what a great feature. However, there are some intricacies on this feature. Web Service stubs, stubs are created by Java in order to define the signature of a web service. This holds the request and response headers, the arguments and their data types. So if a change in signature occurs, the stubs need to be refreshed or recreated. You can either do this programmatically or manually.

Most of the time the programatic approach will work, but sometimes these little bastards persist. So you have to follow a procedure and clean them out. Below you will find the programmatic way first:

<cfobject type="JAVA"




<cfset RpcService = factory.XmlRpcService>

<cfset RpcService.refreshWebService("http://testwebsite/webservice/myservice.cfc?wsdl")>