ASP vs CFMX!! CFMX by far beats ASP in functionality

ASP vs CFMX!! CFMX by far beats ASP in functionality

Posted by Luis Majano
Nov 10, 2005 00:00:00 UTC
I have just finished installing a custom DHTML editor for a friend on his ASP website. However, I had to actually make the javascript work with his ASP backend. And phew!!! Let me tell you, WHAT A PAIN ASP IS!!!

I had completely forgotten how incredibly painful ASP is. Coldfusion is by far a more robust and simpler web application framework than ASP.

I practically had to build my own JSStringFormat function, already available in Coldfusion, for ASP. Basically, breaks and carriage returns in ASP were completely throwing Javascript off. So I had to build a small function to string replace these characters into "escaped" Javascript friendly items.

For those ASP users, which I believe are in the dark ages, here is the little snippet.

Private Function Strip(byVal string)

Strip = Trim( Replace( Replace( Replace( string, vbCrLf, "\n" ), chr(10), "\n" ), chr(13), "\n" ) )

End Function

I had to also try to remember how simple recordsets worked in ASP, OHH MY GOD, the dreaded ADODB.recordset.

Anyways, this post is to enlighted the ASP community to please see the light, COLDFUSION!!



ASP Is rubbish. granted. BUT After doing coldfusion for too many years now, i've grown weary of it. The endless ownership shifting, the proprietary nature of it, and the lack of practical support for applications beyond the "website" realm are... well.. not good. Try to do really complex applicationi with CF and you soon reveal the shortcommings. Given a choice i'd go with a real languae like java, python, or even maybe ruby.

Ratty P.

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