Harvesting in Spanish is a very dear and special ministry that manages the Shalom Orphanage in El Salvador.  My family and I have been involved with them for a long time now and are always amazed by their mission,  staff and of course the children of this amazing home.   Here is a little history about them:

During the 12-year civil war that ended in 1990, many children were left orphaned or abandoned by parents who fled the country. The Benners saw the need to help these children and received 13 children in 1982. One by one more children were added as individuals, churches and the government brought children to them for care, and the Shalom Children’s Home was founded.  Initially, the Benners had no adequate place to house so many children, and rented houses in different parts of the capital city of San Salvador. In December 1984, the home was finally established in the location where it is today, in the town of Santiago Texacuangos in what used to be the home of an ex-president of El Salvador.

The original colonial-style house remains and is used as the kitchen and dining area, as well as for several missionary and team apartments. All of the other buildings were built over the course of the years with the help of many church mission teams from North America.  Today, each age group and gender has its own house, each with its own dorm parents who live in with the children as substitute parents.

Here is more contact information about them including ways to get involved with them and help these amazing children out.

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