I know everybody is posting about this, but I need to do it too. Adobe labs just posted the Eclipse RDS support and this is absolutely great. The migration to eclipse is finally over.

Here is the link to it:


Here is their description:

Remote Development Services (RDS) lets you access files and data sources registered in the ColdFusion Administrator on a ColdFusion server. You must enable RDS during the installation process. With Eclipse RDS Support, you can use CFEclipse as your IDE and access ColdFusion files remotely.

Eclipse RDS Support is supported on all ColdFusion server platforms.

I will be installing it soon, so I will let you know how it goes.


The link to RDS is confusing. You need to go here


You need to go to the Flex Builder 2.0 Beta 2 downloads and download the


Download ColdFusion Extensions to Flex Builder 2.0 (ZIP, 1.8 MB)

You then extract it and move it to your eclipse plugins directory.