I need help trying to make netbeans 5.0 connect to my CVS repository via SSH. I have created my ssh keygen pairs on my laptop and on the server, so when I go into the terminal and type:

ssh -l luis www.domain.com

I get logged in directly without any challenge. My key pairs work. I then go to Netbeans to the CVS module and click checkout.

I fill out the EXT part of the repository and for ssh connection I choose external shell and type:

ssh -l luis www.domain.com

Then click on next and it says "Checking network connection...."

It stays there forever.....

I am not behind a firewall or proxy. So I have no clue whatsoever, what wuold be wrong. Under Eclipse, cvs just connects fine!! So its not my connection.

Please help!!! Netbeans is my IDE of choice for JAVA development, but I need to start verisoning using CVS and I cannot make this work. Thanks