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Leaving ESRI: Dawn of a new age!

Posted by Luis Majano
Feb 25, 2011 16:54:29 UTC

I just wanted to take the moment to mention that starting today I am embarking on a 6 month personal leave of absence from ESRI to stay home and take care of our newborn Alexia and be able to concentrate on writing, training, professional open source and hopefully consulting.  It has been a great 4.5 years at ESRI and hopefully my time there is not done there entirely.  I had the privilege of working with some great minds and friends that I will truly miss bothering on a daily basis.  Thank you guys for so much support, understanding and love that you have provided to me and my family as we try to figure out where the Lord guides us in this journey of ours.

With that said, I am giving a sneek peek of what is to come as now I will be able to finish 4 books that are in the works and several new products I am working on that hopefully will place ColdFusion back on the map: BlogBox, PageBox, CodexWiki, ForumMan, ColdBox Messaging, Ortus DataBoss, ColdBox Remote and much more.  It is now time for ColdBox and ColdFusion to shine with great community applications based on a platform that is dear to my heart.  So for now, thanks again and Adios Amigos!

ColdFusion job available

Posted by Luis Majano
Apr 22, 2010 14:38:07 UTC
Just wanted to post an available ColdFusion/ColdBox job I got a request for. You can find much more information about this opportunity here: or they can contact [email protected] or call Kit at 800-755-1038.

Location/City : OREGON - Salem

Meridian Technology Group is looking for a Senior "Expert" Cold Fusion Web Developer with Cold Box

The upfront workload and timeline for this project is intense due to the need to complete the work within the 2010 timeframe. The overall design has been completed and the software components and interfaces have been defined. Such that the person in this position MUST HAVE EXPERT KNOWLEDGE OF COLD FUSION AND COLD BOX, along with substantial experience participating in the development of large cross-platform applications, to focus on the job of generating the code to the specified timelines. In this role, you will be expected to participate in a full functional project team to meet the tight deadlines with the use of Unit Testing and code reviews to ensure that the interfaces are held to specifications.

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