Last week I started a new series based on a series that a co-worker and friend of mine started at our workplace.  This has in turn created some interesting comments and pointed out some interesting ideas that everybody in the workplace can now express.  This week's series is how you can earn respect from your co-workers when you show respect.  This is an important topic in a workplace, specially when you are in situations where people don't like to work or help.

 Here is quote:


One of the things I've learned from my children is that in order for them to respect me, I have to show them respect. I can not demand respect from them without first showing/teaching them respect. So which comes first? Is this like the chicken or the egg? Do you have to show respect to get/earn respect or do you have to get/earn respect before you can show it? What's your opinion?


Here are some interesting comments from our department:

"I think this quote should be re-stated specifically for our department because nothing holds true around these parts. It should say, If you are shown respect, please give respect. "

"wow,23 million and no dinner or fam? now that's incentive"

" says it all"