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Why does ColdBox exist? Why another framework?

Posted by Luis Majano
Nov 19, 2006 00:00:00 UTC
I recently found some great comments about a user commenting on ColdBox, why it exists, why create it, etc. I found it enlightening because, not many people have used this yet, it is fairly new to the open source community and it is my job to write more about the nature of ColdBox and using a coldfusion framework. So to introduce the article I have to note that ColdBox is another tool for web application development. Just like mach-ii and model-glue. Some people want competition and which one is the best. I do not believe in that. I believe in cooperation and finding the best solution to a problem, no matter what. I even wish that all the framework authors can join and create a solution. (Anybody listening?? A standard??) So please understand, that object oriented approaches and enterprise level application architectures will be complex and you should study upon them. Here is my article:

Bye Bye Miami!! Welcome home ESRI, California

Posted by Luis Majano
Nov 12, 2006 00:00:00 UTC
I just landed today in Redlands California. My new home!! I will be starting my new employment at ESRI the following week and my new adventures have just started. I landed in the afternoon and headed for my new apartments to check them out. Once I got there, man, what a dump!! It is really hard to decide on a place by just looking at pictures. I decided to get the *&(&# out of there. Panic soon ensued, my van line from Florida is arriving in three days and I have no home. I soon turned out to three locations and found a decent place. Tomorrow I go apartment scouting and hopefully find a suitable location by tomorrow.

A part from that, the area is very nice, the weather is completely amazing in comparison to Miami's hot and humid nastiness. The temperature right now is about 51 degrees and it is awesome. I can finally wear sweaters and cold weather clothes.

Anyways, just a quick post to say goodbye to 12 years of living in Miami and welcoming a new era at ESRI in Redlands, CA. I believe good things are about to happen, I am excited and can't wait to start developing!!!

Bye Bye Miami!!!

Welcome Home Redlands!!

My Intel Mac Runs Really Hot!! What do I do?

Posted by Luis Majano
Nov 09, 2006 00:00:00 UTC
I just recently bought my intel powered macbook pro and what a sweet machine it is. However, after some period of time of heavy usage, the machine becomes a HEATER!! The temperature revs up to almost 140 degrees farenheit and I dare anybody to place it on their laps. However, I was recently referred to a handy tool called smcFan Control. This tool will control your interior fans and you can increase the rpms on it in order to cool down the machine. It is absolutely impressive.

Here is the link:

smcFan Control

When I am working on the lap I usually keep the rpm's at around 2500 or 3000 and the machines runs sweet at only 100 degrees farenheit. When I am doing heavy compiling or encoding I rev it up to around 4000 and the machines stays cool. The only thing to watch out for is battery life. The more rev's the more juice it will require, so you decide, a burned leg or less battery life.

Hope this helps to all you new Intel Core Mac Users.

ColdBox Google Groups Created!!

Posted by Luis Majano
Nov 02, 2006 00:00:00 UTC
I just created the ColdBox Google Groups Mailing List. You can use it for solving issues, bugs, discussions or anything you like. Also, if you forward any messages to [email protected] and it is a valid bug it will be started as a discussion also if need be.

Here is the info:

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