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CFObjective ColdBox Training, get it while it is hot!

Posted by Luis Majano
Feb 12, 2010 00:00:00 UTC

CF.Objective Coldbox:100 Training

April 21 - One Day

Course Description

Intro to ColdBox is an intense 1-day training course that will get you started with ColdBox Application Development. This course focuses on the main aspects of ColdBox Development and it delivers a one-two punch to get you started.


Below is a listing of some of the course requirements or assumptions you will need:

  • Laptop or Personal Computer Basic CFC knowledge Intermediate ColdFusion Knowledge Basic understanding of web applications
  • Basic knowledge of CSS,XML,HTML,JavaScript and AJAX

More information at

Maximum number of students: 20

Price: $500 for Early Rate, $600 Regular Rate

Early Registration Deadline for cf.Objective() is February 14th! Save $100 by Registering Now!

ColdBox Training in 2 weeks, get this awesome discount!

Posted by Luis Majano
Feb 04, 2010 00:00:00 UTC
The ColdBox February 20-21st CBOX-101 training seminar is getting close and there are only a few seats available. I am running a super special available for only the next 5 days with a surprise and HEVY discount.

So if you are interested in attending the seminar, use the following link to register:

I am also willing to give awesome discounts for students. So if you are a student and would be interested in attending our seminar, please send me an email to [email protected] with the subject titled: Starving Student Needs ColdBox! And you shall get an amazing discount.

Again, you can register here: and view our event details here:

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