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Checking if one array is a subset of another

Posted by Luis Majano
Apr 28, 2010 11:13:27 UTC
This is more of a reminder than anything else.  A co-worker needed to figure out if one array was contained as a subset of another and of course we go back to our good 'ol friend java for this and the collections interface:

isSubset = arrayA.containsAll( arrayB )

Simple and easy!  Here are the Java API Docs just in case you want to read some more!

Installing JoliCloud VirtualBox additions

Posted by Luis Majano
Apr 23, 2010 21:52:12 UTC
This is more of a memo for me than anything else.  I just recently downloaded JoliCloud to give it a spin before I decided what OS to run on my new netbook.  I am very impressed with JoliCloud and love its look and feel.  Here are the instructions I have found in order to make VirtualBox additions work:

Jolicloud doesn't come with everything you need to build the extra kernel extensions, so you'll need to install a couple of things. First you need to mount the Guest Additions ISO (click the Devices menu, the Install Guest Additions). Once you have it mounted open up a new Terminal window and type the following:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install make linux-headers-$(uname -r)

cd /media/cdrom0

sudo ./

Hope this helps out

Curt and his Padawans

Posted by Luis Majano
Apr 23, 2010 20:51:17 UTC

Curt and his Padawans

Originally uploaded by lmajano

We had today several awesome presentations at CFObjective and our awesome jedi Curt, presented on MockBox in less than 6 minutes. We also had fun being his padawans. Awesome job Curt!

CFObjective 2010 slidedeck and code

Posted by Luis Majano
Apr 23, 2010 12:10:54 UTC
If you where not able to attend my ColdBox 3.0.0 presentation at CFObjective (Shame on you!), now you can at least see the presso and the source code we used.  Just head out to our wiki and download it now.

To those who attended, thank you very much!


ColdFusion job available

Posted by Luis Majano
Apr 22, 2010 14:38:07 UTC
Just wanted to post an available ColdFusion/ColdBox job I got a request for. You can find much more information about this opportunity here: or they can contact [email protected] or call Kit at 800-755-1038.

Location/City : OREGON - Salem

Meridian Technology Group is looking for a Senior "Expert" Cold Fusion Web Developer with Cold Box

The upfront workload and timeline for this project is intense due to the need to complete the work within the 2010 timeframe. The overall design has been completed and the software components and interfaces have been defined. Such that the person in this position MUST HAVE EXPERT KNOWLEDGE OF COLD FUSION AND COLD BOX, along with substantial experience participating in the development of large cross-platform applications, to focus on the job of generating the code to the specified timelines. In this role, you will be expected to participate in a full functional project team to meet the tight deadlines with the use of Unit Testing and code reviews to ensure that the interfaces are held to specifications.

Get your coldbox extension update

Posted by Luis Majano
Apr 18, 2010 23:13:28 UTC
New coldbox platform utilities extension update with integrated help, live API, doc search and orm event handler creations:

Scotch on the Rocks here I come!

Posted by Luis Majano
Apr 11, 2010 00:00:00 UTC
I am super pleased to announce that I will be presenting at scotch on the rocks this May in London, UK.  My session will be on the magical ColdBox Platform.  If you have not seen the scotch on the rocks website, please do as it is really awesome.  This will be my first Scotch, so I am pretty excited.

Not only will I speak, but I will be holding a 3 day training session for CBOX-101 and a 1 day of full hands on development using ColdBox.  There are still seats available, so go over to our discount site and get registered with a hefty hefty discount.

CFBuilder Launch Party this Wednesday in Pomona, CA

Posted by Luis Majano
Apr 05, 2010 00:00:00 UTC
Hey everybody, just a reminder that we will be hosting Terry Ryan this Wednesday for our CF/Flash Builder Launch Party at the Inland Empire User Group in Cal Poly Pomona! We got lots of food, drinks, prizes and goodies. So please remember to stop by before 7pm in the following location:

Here’s a building plan for Bronco Student Center that shows Ursa Minor as room 2135 near the center of the 2nd floor (right click to make the map zoomable and draggable

Also see the campus map at

Non-students could use the GUEST wireless network for their laptops. See

Creating a comma delimited list of column values

Posted by Luis Majano
Apr 02, 2010 00:00:00 UTC
I had a cool little SQL problem yesterday where I had a table with 2 columns: cn, email and for some reason there could be many entries for the same email address:

cn | email

1 | [email protected]

23 | [email protected]

So I needed to get a nice query where I could join all the values of the cn column into a single column for the same email. This was tricky but custom SQL functions to the rescue. This is for MSSQL but you can tweak it for MySQL very easily. So the first thing is to create a function:

CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[getValueList]

(@email varchar(500))

RETURNS varchar(500)




SELECT @listStr = COALESCE(@listStr+',' , '') + cast(cn as varchar)

FROM tempTokenMailingList

WHERE emailAddress = @email

RETURN @listStr


Once I did this, it will return to me a list of column values based on an incoming email on my target table. You can make this more dynamic but it basically solves my use case. Then on my selection I do this:

select distinct emailAddress, name, token,

( dbo.getValueList(emailAddress) ) CN

from tempTokenMailingList

order by emailAddress

Run that and VOILA! You get a cool way to get your cn column concatenated as a list of values.

CF.Objective is almost here, trainings galore!

Posted by Luis Majano
Apr 01, 2010 00:00:00 UTC

CF.Objective is almost 3 weeks away and man am I excited!  If you have not attended CF.Objective before, you should be, as it is the premier advanced ColdFusion/Flex/Air conference.  It was been a great delight to participate in this conference and this year promises to be really awesome also.  One thing different about this year is that we have amazing trainings happening before the conference at very awesome prices.  Of course, I will be there teaching CBOX-100 for our 1 day workshop and course.  There are also the following amazing classes:

So if you still are undecided, then DECIDE!! Come on over and hang out with us and learn fun stuff!!

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