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cf10 and could not initialise class

Posted by Luis Majano
Jun 12, 2013 14:58:20 UTC
I got into a weird error connecting CF Builder 2.01 to CF10 RDS to get some nice DB interactions going.  I was constantly getting the error:

could not initialise class

Both in the logs and as a nasty error popup.  This is reproducible using virtual hosts with Apache, I did not experience this on the standalone CF10 at all.  In Apache I have the CF10 connector installed globally, so I would assume it worked for ALL virtual hosts.  However, for some reason the above error is due to a connector issue.  To fix this, and I have no CLUE as to why it fixes it, but it does. Is to add the following to your virtual host configuration file:

JkMountFile "/Applications/ColdFusion10/config/wsconfig/1/"

This will fix the issue, so go back to builder and click on the refresh server and voila! Issue is gone!  Can someone explain me why?

ColdBox Developer Week 2013

Posted by Luis Majano
Jun 11, 2013 19:26:54 UTC
I am very happy to announce that I will be speaking at another ColdBox Developer Week coming to a desktop, mobile, ipad, Android, etc near you!  The ColdBox and ContentBox teams and several community members join forces each year to bring you a weekly FREE training online extravaganza.  I am excited to be presenting on several topics not only about ColdBox but also about ContentBox,the modular CMS solution for CFML, this year as our *BOX products are growing.

When: June 17-21st from 9 am Pacific to late at night.... (Check out the site for your local timezone)


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