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Into The Box 2015 Call For Speakers

Posted by Luis Majano
Nov 25, 2014 18:48:00 UTC

The Into The Box 2015 conference has just been announced and I am super excited to be part of it for another year.  This year it was a great success and such a great networking event with speakers and attendees from across the world.  The call for speakers has been announced, so if you are interested in participating in this developer conference, please head over the call for speakers entry and fill it out to your heart's content.  See you next year in Minneapolis!


ColdBox Developer Week 2014

Posted by Luis Majano
Sep 11, 2014 13:00:00 UTC

I am very happy to announce that I will be speaking at another ColdBox Developer Week coming to a desktop, mobile, ipad, Android, etc near you!  The ColdBox and ContentBox teams and several community members join forces each year to bring you a weekly FREE training online extravaganza.  I am excited to be presenting on several topics not only about ColdBox but also about ContentBox,the modular CMS solution for CFML, this year as our *BOX products are growing.


When: September 22-26 from 9 am Pacific to late at night.... (Check out the site for your local timezone)


ColdBox 4 + CommandBox at the London Railo Group

Posted by Luis Majano
May 22, 2014 18:03:00 UTC

I am excited to be able to present to the fine folks of the London Railo Group next Friday May 30th at 6:30 pm on ColdBox 4 and CommandBox, our new CLI and Package Manager for CFML.  So if you are in the London vicinity drop by for a sneak peak of ColdBox4, CommandBox and Pixel8's PresideCMS (Powered by ColdBox).

See you there!

Intro To Couchbase For Caching + NoSQL - April 8th, 2014

Posted by Luis Majano
Mar 28, 2014 17:02:00 UTC

My friend Brad Wood will be doing a webinar on introducing Couchbase NoSQL server for usage within CFML for Caching and NoSQL purposes.  Check it out and register for this webinar for April 8th at 1PM EDT.

State of the CF Union 2014

Posted by Luis Majano
Jan 29, 2014 16:30:00 UTC

Just wanted to quickly mention that Michael Smith is running a nice little survey about the state of the CF Union.  So whether you use ColdFusion or Railo or OpenBD... go and fill it in! And spread the word about it, seems like an interesting exercise.

Want to learn about BDD and TestBox?

Posted by Luis Majano
Jan 26, 2014 13:12:00 UTC

This Tuesday 28th I will be doing a ColdBox Connection about BDD and TestBox.  So if you are interested in sharpening your testing skills with behavior driven development with the new Box framework TestBox, then come and join us at noon central time:

Into The Box Is Here!

Posted by Luis Majano
Jan 21, 2014 11:44:00 UTC

I am very excited to be part of the first even BOX conference: Into The Box 2014 this May 13th, 2014.  This 1-day conference will take place 1 day before this year's cf.Objective() in Minneapolis, MN and we have a great lineup of world renown speakers like Curt Gratz, Sean Corfield, Brad Wood, Adrian Moreno and so much more.  Best of all, it is only $199 for a full day of sessions, free food, drinks, software, training and live entertainment.

See you there in May!

CFML Coding Guidelines Formatter

Posted by Luis Majano
Oct 30, 2013 16:10:00 UTC

Thanks to the comments in our coding guidelines post we have added a ColdFusion Builder formatter.  Just go to Eclipse Preferences > ColdFusion > Profiles > Formatter and click on the Import button.  You can download our formatter from here:

The Ortus coding guidelines can be found here  This includes several CFML and ColdBox guidelines to help with projects.


CFML Coding Guidelines

Posted by Luis Majano
Oct 27, 2013 21:42:00 UTC

I just wanted to share the Ortus coding guidelines with the rest of the community.  We have updated our coding guidelines document in our wiki:  This includes several CFML and ColdBox guidelines to help with projects.  Would love any feedback.

Update: October 30, 2013

Thanks to the comments below we have added a ColdFusion Builder formatter.  Just go to Eclipse Preferences > ColdFusion > Profiles > Formatter and click on the Import button.  You can download our formatter form here:

Close to Los Angeles? Want to learn about Couchbase NoSQL?

Posted by Luis Majano
Aug 05, 2013 17:30:00 UTC

We are excited to host this month Matt Ingenthron, from Couchbase at our monthly ColdFusion user group in Cal Poly Pomona this August 8th at 7pm.  Here is a brief description of what he will present on:

Introduction to Couchbase Server, a NoSQL Document Database

Couchbase LogoCouchbase Server is a NoSQL document database for interactive applications. This session introduces Couchbase Server, the underlying distributed architecture, with a hands-on tour of Couchbase including online rebalancing while adding nodes to a cluster, indexing and querying and cross data center replication.

So if you are close to the area and want to come over, please do, we have FREE pizza, drinks and cool software raffles. I have been personally using Couchbase for a while now and absolutely love it.  We are even doing a blogging series about Couchbase over at the Ortus company blog as well.

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