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Do you use CVS or Subversion?What do you Think?

Posted by Luis Majano
Jun 08, 2006 00:00:00 UTC
I have only been exposed to using CVS for version control and find it pretty straightforward and useful. The server was easy to setup on Linux and the maintenance of it has been pretty good.  However, I have been told and reading that Subversion is CVS on steroids and just wanted to get a public opinion before I start messing around with it.  Has anyone used both and can comment on the pros and cons of each?

Is it easy to setup on Linux? Does it mesh well with Eclipse, any Mac GUI? 

The usual questions!! Thanks and have a great day today.

Lighthouse Pro by Raymond Camden

Posted by Luis Majano
Jan 06, 2006 00:00:00 UTC
I just recently downloaded LightHouse Pro by Raymond Camden. Lighthouse pro is a ColdFusion bug tracking application. It is incredibly easy to install and best of all it runs on a MySQL backbone. Actually you can also use access and MS SQL.

It can create different project loci and assign the loci to the projects. You can create different users that will be involved in the projects. Every time an issue is created/revised, emails can be send out to different users. A great statistics page where you can see the QA progress of your projects.

Overall this utility has organized all my debugging and enhancements for my projects. I truly recommend this utility in order to better organize yourselves in your software development.

It is very hard to loose track of bugs and enhancements over the life time of a project and this utility really brings this issues to a close.

Keep up the good work Ray!! I am a true fan!!

LightHouse Pro Project Page

Eclipse and CFECLIPSE in use.

Posted by Luis Majano
Sep 27, 2005 00:00:00 UTC
I finally have made my complete move for CF development to eclipse. Yesterday, while I was installing a fresh copy of eclipse, I realized the new updated download of ftp and web-dav support.

Eclipse's support for FTP has been moderate of some sorts, but it seems that now they got it.

I finished my installation of CFEclipse, connected to my dev server and started working.

This is a great development platform for true developers.



The ultimate database query Tool, Aqua Data Studio

Posted by Luis Majano
Sep 07, 2005 00:00:00 UTC
I have been recently introduced to this great database utility tool, Aqua Data Studio

It is an incredible database tool, you can connecto to Oracle, MySQL, MS Sql, DB2, or an JDBC complaint database. It has an incredible Procedure Editor, Query Analyzer, Schema Browser, and best of all, written in JAVA.

The GUI is great and provides great graphical browsing of any database. I truly love this utility.

You can download it from here. Please check it out.

HTMLArea Free DHTML Online Editor

Posted by Luis Majano
Sep 02, 2005 00:00:00 UTC
I just recently found this great DHTML editor. I will start implementing it in my applications.

I have included a copy of the latest version which you can find in the url below:

It has different modes to it and includes a Perl Spell Checker. It works for both IE & Mozilla and PC & MAC.

Legal Stuff:

HTMLArea is copyright

href=""> and

href=""> and it is

released under a BSD-style license. HTMLArea is created and developed

upto version 2.03 by Version 3.0 developed by

Mihai Bazon for

InteractiveTools. It contains code sponsored by third-party companies as well.

It is an incredible editor. So please contribute to it.

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