I will be releasing a minor update this Friday for ColdBox. This is special, because it now includes a JavaLoader CFC plug-in and it works great. It remains true to the actual cfc, just a little bit simpler to use. I will be including a new sample application to demonstrate how to use the JavaLoader cfc and updating the Wiki.

It also includes a fix for the CustomException Handler, it now has the exceptionBean in the request collection for usage if needed. Code cleanup and removal of unused files that escaped my mind.

A good note about the CustomExceptionHandler receiving the ExceptionBean is that you can determine the type of error and determine what to do with it.

For example, all of the framework internals throw certain types of errors that can be handled by this exception handler. ( ExceptionBean.getType() ) One that I use very often is:


You can use this if the event being passed via the url is incorrect.


You can use this if the event that is tried to be executed is not a registered handler in the framework. You can then proceed to redirect or do the necessary steps to deal with this exception.

I will be posting this revision on Friday. I would also welcome your feedback, you can comment here on this Blog, or use the Forums or just email me at [email protected]