Leaving ESRI: Dawn of a new age!

Leaving ESRI: Dawn of a new age!

Posted by Luis Majano
Feb 25, 2011 16:54:29 UTC

I just wanted to take the moment to mention that starting today I am embarking on a 6 month personal leave of absence from ESRI to stay home and take care of our newborn Alexia and be able to concentrate on writing, training, professional open source and hopefully consulting.  It has been a great 4.5 years at ESRI and hopefully my time there is not done there entirely.  I had the privilege of working with some great minds and friends that I will truly miss bothering on a daily basis.  Thank you guys for so much support, understanding and love that you have provided to me and my family as we try to figure out where the Lord guides us in this journey of ours.

With that said, I am giving a sneek peek of what is to come as now I will be able to finish 4 books that are in the works and several new products I am working on that hopefully will place ColdFusion back on the map: BlogBox, PageBox, CodexWiki, ForumMan, ColdBox Messaging, Ortus DataBoss, ColdBox Remote and much more.  It is now time for ColdBox and ColdFusion to shine with great community applications based on a platform that is dear to my heart.  So for now, thanks again and Adios Amigos!

Sami Hoda

Best of luck... and see you soon. :)

Tony Garcia

Wishing you the best with all your projects and looking forward to the results!

Charlie arehart

Wow, watch out world! :-) Exciting times, Luis, for you and for the community. And of course, wonderful to hear of your taking time off as well to enjoy your newborn. May she a blessing to you, as you have certainly been to so many. Best wishes in all the new ventures. Looking forward to watching things develop. You go, man! -:)

Jason Durham


Ben Nadel

Awesome stuff - have fun and good luck with that.

George Murphy

Luis, God bless you and your family!

Qasim Rasheed


Congratulations especially taking time off to enjoy your new born. Look forward to your new adventures

Luis Majano

Thanks for all your encouragement guys!!

Thomas Craig

Congratulations and best of luck on your new endeavors.