A good MySQL GUI For Mac? Any ideas?

A good MySQL GUI For Mac? Any ideas?

Posted by Luis Majano
Jan 10, 2009 00:00:00 UTC
I am sick and tired of MySQL Query crashing on me every 10 minutes. What other Mac software would you recommend for dealing with MySQL. I really like MySQL Query's simplicity, but I just hate its instability. What do you recommend?



I have a collection of links for just such a thing!



I have been using http://www.sequelpro.com recently.

Scott Stroz

I have never realyl had any issues with MySQl Query Builder, but I do use RazorSQL for most stuff. Its inexpensive, does what I want, and has drivers for some databases I never heard of. Be warned, the UI is not the prettiest.



I use Navicat, and really love it. I like that I can do schema and data compare.


Raul Riera

I second Navicat, even the lite version rocks

Lola LB

Aqua Data Studio is good, but it's tres expensiv.

Dan Skaggs

I've not found anything that I need to do as of yet that Navicat lite won't do. I use at least one of their lite editions for MySQL, PostGres and Oracle on a daily basis.

Mark Drew

I second SequelPro. Fast, light and pretty damn good!

Russ Johnson

I use CocoaMySql and have for years. Simple and stable!

matt rothstein

CocoaMySQL has been my mac client of choice as well.... though it looks as if the project is now Sequel Pro.

Go with that I'd say.

Luis Majano

I am trying sequel pro out, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to create foreign keys?

Anthony Hixon, Jr.

There's no GUI support for foreign keys in Sequel Pro as of yet so ALTER TABLE is your best option.

O?uz Demirkap?

Navicat rulez! :)

Luis Majano

I have been giving Navicat Lite a shot and WOW!! I really like it, I can do pretty much anything on it. So far so good. It has blob support, hex support, foreign key support and more. I also like sequel pro but their lack for constraints is something I don't want to type all the time. (Lazy me)


Not so far I have found new cool tool to work with mySQL - Valentina Studio. Its free edition can do things more than many commercial tools!! I very recommend check it. http://www.valentina-db.com/en/valentina-studio-overview re...

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