Adiue Sandals!! Welcome ESRI!!

Adiue Sandals!! Welcome ESRI!!

Posted by Luis Majano
Oct 16, 2006 00:00:00 UTC
This post is dedicated to the Sandals development team since I have place my resignation last week. I will be moving to better and more distant fields at ESRI in Redlands, California.

I excited to announce that I have accepted a senior web development position at ESRI ( The Geoghraphical software giants, and will be starting mid-November. I am truly excited to start work at this great company and with so many great engineers. I hope they like ColdBox!! jejeje :)

I thank Sandals for all the time they gave me, the opportunity to shine and bring forward more Object Oriented Coldfusion than they ever imagined possible. Thanks for this great 4 years where I have grown and learned.

I guess I have a cool new governor, ARNOLD!!

Adiue Sandals!!


Brian Rinaldi

Congrats, and good luck with the big move Luis...not so certain how cool Arnold is however.

charlie griefer

Hi Luis:

Congrats! I just started at ESRI about 6 weeks ago, and could not be happier.

It's really just a great place to be.

Ping me offline if you have any questions :)


Peter Bell

Hi Luis,

Congrats! Still lookoing forward to finding the time to play with your Coldbox code. Did you ever have a chance to add the dashboard? Am looking foreard to the integration with Illudium!

Congratulations again!

Best Wishes, Peter

Luis Majano

Thanks Peter, I will be including the dashboard but not with all the tools yet. I am still working on the logviewer, application generator and Illidium. However, Illidium has been ported already. I just need to integrate it with the dashboard.

I will be releasing a video real soon of how the dashboard will perform. However, If you want a preview of it, send me an email, I'll give you a presentation of it.


congratulations. in case you don't already know there are several cf people (mike nimer, seth duffey, kirk mower, me, etc.) trying to create a xf (and now flex) framework for arcIMS, arcWeb etc. maybe we can get together on this?

Luis Majano

Thanks Paul, Will defintely have that in mind, whatever I can help. I have to catch up on the arc Products. But thanks!!

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