ColdBox 2.6.0 RC2 Released + Announcements

ColdBox 2.6.0 RC2 Released + Announcements

Posted by Luis Majano
Jun 15, 2008 00:00:00 UTC

ColdBox RC2 includes some new features and bug fixes to complete the entire feature release schedule for version 2.6. There will be no more release candidates after RC2 but the Final Release in July. We are extremely happy to introduce some cool new features we have been working on for quite a while now. So please enjoy this RC update and stay tuned for the final 2.6 FAITH release in July. As always, you can visit the What's New wiki page for all the in depth document. All of the documents in the wiki are in Revision State and almost all of them have been revised for version 2.6. We are expecting to complete our documentation revisions by July, so keep posted to the wiki timeline as guides are being updated with the latest and greatest documentation for the 2.6 release. Below are also some announcements:

The ColdBox Platform:

The following diagram shows the ColdBox Platform and all of its components. This gives you a better understanding of how ColdBox is not a mere MVC framework but an application platform and a set of developer tools.


Sami Hoda

You make it very hard. Stop tempting me with ColdBox! :D

Nice work!

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