ColdBox: New Transfer Sample Application! Transfer Rocks!!

ColdBox: New Transfer Sample Application! Transfer Rocks!!

Posted by Luis Majano
Mar 21, 2007 00:00:00 UTC
I have just been delving into Transfer this past few weeks and I must say I am really impressed by its design and usage. The way the ORM is layed out is impressive and even more with its TSQL addition. So I decided to create another sample application dedicated to Transfer. It will be on the next beta or RC coming for 2.0.0, but if you do not want to wait, then get it from the Repository by Clicking here

Kudos to Mark Mandel for this amazing tool

The sample application is a very simple CRUD and Listing application and shows you how to instantiate the Transfer factory into the ColdBox cache also. I will be posting a tutorial on it pretty soon at the usual documentation depot :)

Have fun and thanks Mark for this awesome project.


Mark Mandel


Glad you like Transfer, and glad you like the new TQL :D

I'll make sure that I check out the sample app.

Rob Gonda

Alright, you really have to stop liking what I like ... be original for once!

j/k Glad you joined the Transfer club ... The new TQL is great, I just wish Mark finished the composite keys addition once for all. j/k too Mark, I know it's on your list, and you know, I dont mind you pushing it in favor of TQL.

Luis, so now you got ColdSpring and Transfer down, all you're missing is a real front-controller framework :)

Mark Mandel

I hear you Rob ;o)

Composite keys is next, I've actually being reviewing my notes on it today.

Expect an email out to the list in the next few days on a proposed XML config and API for composite keys.

I will start working on it after the RC becomes a final release (and I haven't heard any bugs on it yet, so that's a good sign).

So it's coming, don't you worry. ;)

Rob Gonda



Nice one Luis!

So now there is a ColdSpring and Transfer sample apps. All we need now is one showing Transfer been loaded by ColdSpring :-)

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