Eclipse + SVN Users: SubEclipse or Subversive?

Eclipse + SVN Users: SubEclipse or Subversive?

Posted by Luis Majano
Sep 12, 2006 00:00:00 UTC
This is just a call for comments to see which eclipse SVN plugin people are using and why?

I personally use Subversive because it was the first choice that I found and it has worked great. I am running 1.1.0.M3

It is easy to integrate to repositories, browse, check out, etc.

  • What do you like of Subeclipse?
  • How would they contrast each other?
  • Which one do you prefer?
  • What are the advantages?

If you have any comments, please post them.


Rob Gonda

sorry Luis, I'm just finding out that there's more than one choice... I use subeclipse and tortoiseSvn... I map my repositories using tortoise and then subeclipse recognizes them immediately... The one problem, and this is not the extension but eclipse itself, is that if I modify something outside of eclipse it doesn't refresh automatically...

I do know that most of the people use subeclipse ... another factor you may consider is that subversion 1.4 just came out with some new features... let's see which one of the two is the first to release an updated version :)


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