In the Xmas Spirit: What do you want for ColdBox & The ColdBox Dashboard?

In the Xmas Spirit: What do you want for ColdBox & The ColdBox Dashboard?

Posted by Luis Majano
Dec 21, 2007 00:00:00 UTC
Now that 2.5 is out and the Dashboard 2.2.2 is also out, what do you expect for further releases. Russ Johnson joined team ColdBox and he is brining a tons of new ideas and funky stuff that will blow your mind. But apart from those, what are your expectations on ColdBox? What do you want from this framework AND toolkit!! More plugins? More interceptors? More GUI releated ideas? More debugging tools? What?

Also, what are your thoughts on the ColdBox Dashboard Application? Does it make your life easier to start a project? What features do you want on it? What would make you use the Dashboard as part of your development? (Please note, that the dashboard is separate from the framework)

So give me your thoughts and ideas!!



love to see ColdBox Dashboard to be opensourced, as it was in the earlier releases.

Sean Corfield

+1 on open sourcing the dashboard. That's one of the things that puts me off ColdBox (although, as I've mentioned to you before, the main thing that puts me off are the very in your face Christian quotations in some of the files - and I've spoken to others who find this very off-putting).

Tony Garcia

Whoa -- I haven't even been able to fully explore all the V2.5 features yet! As for the dashboard, I haven't been using it. I have to remember to play with it more often.

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