Railo 3.1 Supports Optional Semicolons

Railo 3.1 Supports Optional Semicolons

Posted by Luis Majano
Mar 31, 2009 00:00:00 UTC
Wouldn't you know it? Railo 3.1 supports optional semicolons! I totally love this syntax enhancement as my cfscripting can become even less noisy by adding those pesky semi-colons. How cool is this:

/* Start Exporter */

sqlBuffer = createObject("java","java.lang.StringBuilder").init('')

/* Create Function Namespace */


/* Read fnc Library */

xmlDoc = xmlParse(expandPath('web-cfmfunctionlibrary_1_0'))

fncXML = xmlSearch(xmlDoc,"//function")

fncXMLLen = arrayLen(fncXML)

I like this! No more noisy semi-colons. Just beware that if you are doing multiple statements on a single line, you will actually HAVE to put in the semicolons.

function formatnow(){ return "#dateformat(now(),"yyyy-mm-dd")# #timeformat(now(),"HH:mm:ss")#"; }

A part from that, I love it!


Justin Carter

Very interesting, I hadn't even considered optional semi-colons as an enhancement to cfscript, but if Groovy can do it then so can CF :) Thanks for pointing this out.

Aaron Greenlee

How cool! Now, if they could only get cfquery and cfparamquery inside cfscript!


that is pretty snazzy!

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