Restore an iPhone after it crashes and won't start anymore

Restore an iPhone after it crashes and won't start anymore

Posted by Luis Majano
Aug 23, 2008 00:00:00 UTC
I just had a crash on my iPhone, how rare, and it would not start up again. I would reset it by holding the home plus the power/sleep button for like 5 seconds and the Apple logo would show but nothing more. It stays there and does NOTHING!!!

I restart the phone and then it does not start no matter what.

I freaked out and went to the Apple store, just so they would not attend me because they are so full.

Finally, I did the following.

1) Turn it off by using the home plus power/sleep button.

2) Hit the home button and hold

3) Connect it to your PC/MAC

4) iTunes starts up and tells you after 10 seconds of holding that it detected an iPhone ready for restore.

5) Hit restore

6) Wait until it restores

7) Shout with SANITY!!

Follows these steps and you can revive your iPhone, without going to the Apple store and waiting for a MAC GENIUS (yea right!!) to do this.


Josh Highland

glad to hear you got it working again. I'd be careful posting this though, Steve Jobs might take away your fan boy status :)

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