SES interceptor update for ColdBox 2.5.1

SES interceptor update for ColdBox 2.5.1

Posted by Luis Majano
Dec 23, 2007 00:00:00 UTC
Matt Quackenbush submitted this unusual behavior a few days ago and I was finally able to reproduce and fix today. Here is his excerpt:

If I browse to http://localhost/myApp/index.cfm/main/dspHome (or any other explicitly-called event), everything is good to go. However, if I browse to http://localhost/myApp/ or http://localhost/myApp/index.cfm, an exception is thrown that says:

The event handler: index.cfm.dspHome is not valid registered event.


Matt Quackenbush

Awesome Luis! Thanks for the quick fix! It's rockin' and rollin' now!

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