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Railo 3.1 Supports Optional Semicolons

Posted by Luis Majano
Mar 31, 2009 00:00:00 UTC
Wouldn't you know it? Railo 3.1 supports optional semicolons! I totally love this syntax enhancement as my cfscripting can become even less noisy by adding those pesky semi-colons. How cool is this:

/* Start Exporter */

sqlBuffer = createObject("java","java.lang.StringBuilder").init('')

/* Create Function Namespace */


/* Read fnc Library */

xmlDoc = xmlParse(expandPath('web-cfmfunctionlibrary_1_0'))

fncXML = xmlSearch(xmlDoc,"//function")

fncXMLLen = arrayLen(fncXML)

I like this! No more noisy semi-colons. Just beware that if you are doing multiple statements on a single line, you will actually HAVE to put in the semicolons.

function formatnow(){ return "#dateformat(now(),"yyyy-mm-dd")# #timeformat(now(),"HH:mm:ss")#"; }

A part from that, I love it!

CFUnited Early Bird Ends Soon

Posted by Luis Majano
Mar 31, 2009 00:00:00 UTC
Get your registration going for CFUnited 2009 as the early bird registration is ending soon. They have also provided a great manager's guide of why YOU should attend and why YOUR manager should let you. So please download it here.

You can also register for our CBOX-100 Pre-Conference ColdBox Training class while you are there. Register Now!!

Railo goes open source and sporting new looks!

Posted by Luis Majano
Mar 31, 2009 00:00:00 UTC
I am so glad to see this day as CFML becomes open source. Railo has just gone open source and WOW!! What an incredible engine. Not only that, but they are sporting 3 new websites:

The websites look phenomenal and we also get a documentation website powered by Codex. I wonder who did the initial documentation?

You can download the open source version of Railo from their nice downloads page.

Speaking at OCDev in April

Posted by Luis Majano
Mar 16, 2009 00:00:00 UTC
I will be attending the OCDev's User Group meeting on April 8th and talking about ColdBox. So please mark your calendars and hopefully you can attend!

Review of Flex vs Silverlight Debate at Cal Poly Pomona

Posted by Luis Majano
Mar 10, 2009 00:00:00 UTC

I completely forgot to post about this and post a link to the event we hosted at Cal Poly Pomona last month between Adobe and Microsoft. The debate was excellent and we had great attendance for the IECFUG. We where able to get more students and interest in our ColdFusion User Group and hopefully get to recruit some more after an awe inspiring presentation by Kevin Hoyt.

Unfortunately, I won't say anything bad about Microsoft because I won a copy of Vista Ultimate! :) (hmm, what did I do with it?)

If you want to see the video for yourself and see how the debate was laid out see who won, check this link out:

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