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URL Prefix + CFBuilder + Nested Applications

Posted by Luis Majano
Jul 30, 2010 11:26:57 UTC
One little caveat when working with CFBuilder is that I was not getting the file preview working on the IDE because it was complaining that my project was not the root of the selected server as you can see below:


The problem is that Builder knows the root of the server but my application project is not on the root of server but on a folder embedded in it.  So in order to make this work, just add a URL prefix to the project.  Right click on the project and click on  "SET URL Prefix":

Click on it and you will get the following dialog and fill out the FULL URL, I tried just the directory, but it did not work, maybe a bug in Builder. So put the FULL URL.

Hope this helps, enjoy!

CFunited Next Week + ColdBox Books

Posted by Luis Majano
Jul 19, 2010 14:43:45 UTC
Next week is CFUnited 2010 and I am super excited about it.  I have always enjoyed CFUnited and this year I am staying for the whole thing, so I am happy.  I will also be taking several books with me (ColdBox Books) that is.  So if you want to buy-win a hard copy ColdBox Definitive Guide, then look for me, ping me via twitter @lmajano or just shout at the conference. 

Upgrading RAM on a MacBook Pro Unibody

Posted by Luis Majano
Jul 15, 2010 14:51:39 UTC

With my friend Josh Highland we decided to upgrade my MacBook Pro Unibody style with 8 GB of sweet sweet RAM.  Of course, geeks that we are, we video taped the whole journey!

pre-CFUnited ColdBox Training in 16 days

Posted by Luis Majano
Jul 09, 2010 08:41:11 UTC
Just a reminder that our registration for our ColdBox training closes in a few days and you don't want to miss out. So here is a super duper discount code: superweek. Take advantage and register now, we will be covering the up and coming 3.0.0 release and some great goodies.

New ColdBox eBook prices!

Posted by Luis Majano
Jul 07, 2010 10:08:28 UTC

Just a quick announcement that we have slashed the prices for the ColdBox eBooks and you can now purchase them for only $29.99.  The new eBook also is an enhanced PDF that is more portable and printable.  We are also working hard on the iPad/iBooks version, so stay tuned!

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