New ColdBox eBook prices!

New ColdBox eBook prices!

Posted by Luis Majano
Jul 07, 2010 10:08:28 UTC

Just a quick announcement that we have slashed the prices for the ColdBox eBooks and you can now purchase them for only $29.99.  The new eBook also is an enhanced PDF that is more portable and printable.  We are also working hard on the iPad/iBooks version, so stay tuned!


Daniel Garcia

Having already purchased the print version when it came out, are there any discount codes to purchase the electronic version? Thanks.

Luis Majano

Hi Daniel,

I am trying to get some from lulu, but not having any luck as of yet. So hopefully I will be able to offer disocunt codes.


Great book!

I bought the electronic version from lulu, and it's really helpful to have a searchable pdf when developing on coldbox... I hope we'll have an updated edition when CB 3.0 is finally released.

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