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Leaving ESRI: Dawn of a new age!

Posted by Luis Majano
Feb 25, 2011 16:54:29 UTC

I just wanted to take the moment to mention that starting today I am embarking on a 6 month personal leave of absence from ESRI to stay home and take care of our newborn Alexia and be able to concentrate on writing, training, professional open source and hopefully consulting.  It has been a great 4.5 years at ESRI and hopefully my time there is not done there entirely.  I had the privilege of working with some great minds and friends that I will truly miss bothering on a daily basis.  Thank you guys for so much support, understanding and love that you have provided to me and my family as we try to figure out where the Lord guides us in this journey of ours.

With that said, I am giving a sneek peek of what is to come as now I will be able to finish 4 books that are in the works and several new products I am working on that hopefully will place ColdFusion back on the map: BlogBox, PageBox, CodexWiki, ForumMan, ColdBox Messaging, Ortus DataBoss, ColdBox Remote and much more.  It is now time for ColdBox and ColdFusion to shine with great community applications based on a platform that is dear to my heart.  So for now, thanks again and Adios Amigos!

ColdBox RC2 released!

Posted by Luis Majano
Feb 21, 2011 14:47:00 UTC
After so much hard work, ColdBox 3.0.0 RC2 is now released.  Check out our announcement!  WireBox release is also out and a few announcements are coming.

ColdFusion/ColdBox Training in Minneapolis

Posted by Luis Majano
Feb 14, 2011 11:01:15 UTC
Just a note that I will be attending CF.Objective once more this year and I would like to encourage you to attend this amazing conference.  This year it seems that it will be better than ever with such amazing speakers and sessions.  I would like to mention that we will also be holding 2 days of ColdFusion/ColdBox training before the conference just 4 miles from the conference hotel.

The cool thing about this training is that we will be doing two ColdBox courses.  CBOX100 which is an introductory course with multiple labs that will cover everything you need to know about ColdBox development and our newest course: CBOX202.  CBOX202 is an advanced course that deals with dependency injection and WireBox.  I am very excited about this course since I want to concentrate on the problems that DI solves, approaches to better object design, decoupling and cohesion.   So I am really excited to not only teach about WireBox, but also about the importance of dependency injection and good modeling skills.

So if you will be in the area or attending CF Objective, please consider our 2 days of intense but fantastic training.  We will also be giving discounts to the training to those of you who will be attending CF.Objective.  So if you are attending the conference, please send us an email to [email protected] to get your entry discount!

Git: Remove a remote tag

Posted by Luis Majano
Feb 08, 2011 11:14:57 UTC
This is something I want to blog in order to save it for posterity so I don't go crazy looking for this.  I have a remote tag I committed but I need to remove it for whatever reason, how do I do this with git?

You do this in two easy steps:

  1. Remove the local tag either through your favorite GUI or via: git tag -d "tag name"
  2. Push the removed tag to the remote origin: git push origin :refs/tags/"tag name"
The key here is that you push a non-existent tag, so it basically removes it from the remote repository.  That's it!

ColdBox coming to Texas!

Posted by Luis Majano
Feb 02, 2011 17:00:06 UTC

I am super excited to be heading back to Texas in July to do some ColdBox training and visit my family. I love Texas and I am excited to be there for a few weeks. So if you are there and would love to talk ColdFusion/ColdBox, look us up for our training or email us.

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