Just a note that I will be attending CF.Objective once more this year and I would like to encourage you to attend this amazing conference.  This year it seems that it will be better than ever with such amazing speakers and sessions.  I would like to mention that we will also be holding 2 days of ColdFusion/ColdBox training before the conference just 4 miles from the conference hotel.

The cool thing about this training is that we will be doing two ColdBox courses.  CBOX100 which is an introductory course with multiple labs that will cover everything you need to know about ColdBox development and our newest course: CBOX202.  CBOX202 is an advanced course that deals with dependency injection and WireBox.  I am very excited about this course since I want to concentrate on the problems that DI solves, approaches to better object design, decoupling and cohesion.   So I am really excited to not only teach about WireBox, but also about the importance of dependency injection and good modeling skills.

So if you will be in the area or attending CF Objective, please consider our 2 days of intense but fantastic training.  We will also be giving discounts to the training to those of you who will be attending CF.Objective.  So if you are attending the conference, please send us an email to [email protected] to get your entry discount!