Awesome Git client for Mac: Tower

Awesome Git client for Mac: Tower

Posted by Luis Majano
Jan 04, 2011 11:40:31 UTC
I am a huge fan of development tools as I am also a tool developer myself.  One tool that has been lacking in my arsenal was an awesome Git client for Mac, as Mac is my main development environment.  I, like any true geeky developer, love the console, however, there is something about having a UI that gives me a warm warm feeling.  I have used the eGit plugin for Eclipse and although it is usable, it is still quirky as it is still constantly in development.  No disrespect for the developers, but this project is still moving forward and I know it will be a great great plugin and most likely I will use it hands down as my unique git client as it is embedded in Eclipse/CFBuilder.

However, I recently have experienced two great git clients: SmartGit and Tower.  SmartGit is java and cross platform.  It is very very good, but its aesthetics are well, java like and not sparkly like Tower.  Tower is Mac only and it truly shines as a Mac application.  I have really like the inbox style approach where I can move between tags, remotes, branches and stashes.  Nice double click and I have switched branches!  I can even right click on a branch and publish it or pull, refresh, etc.  The graphical history is very very nice and you can even change it to a more github like commit view.

Overall, I would say SmartGit and Tower are two of my favorite git clients.  So give them a shot, it will truly change your outlook on the Git tools landscape.


Rick O

I just moved from SmartGit to Tower in my university classes. SmartGit is awesome and does just about everything anyone would need to do, but Tower definitely has more polish and does the limited subset that my students need to do.

I would kill for a Git client that included git-flow functionality -- suppressing the technicality of branches, and promoting the concept of features and releases.

Luis Majano

I agree with you Rick, I would love a flow client as well.


What do you think about Gitti, Gitbox and Gitmac?

Ryan McAllen

If anyone finds/makes a Tower plugin for Git-Flow, please post!!!

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