ColdBox 1.1.0 Release and Dashboard Preview

ColdBox 1.1.0 Release and Dashboard Preview

Posted by Luis Majano
Oct 23, 2006 00:00:00 UTC

I have just updated the site to hold the latest release 1.1.0. This is a major upgrade thanks to all the feedback on the 1.0.2 version. It includes tons of fixes and more aspect programming. You can download it as usual from the projects sections

Download ColdBox

What is New?

Well, a lot!! JEJEJE. Here is some of the new features and capabilities.

  • Varscoper Checks, Code Optimization and cleanup.
  • Global Server Installation Method.
  • CFMX 6.X & BlueDragon are now fully Supported.
  • Datasources support via config.xml. You can now use the getDatasource("name") in the

    event handlers/plugins to retrieve a datsource bean.

  • Mail Settings bean support. You can now use the getMailSettings() to retreive it.
  • Messagebox.render(clearFlag) now has a clearFlag in order to clear or not, the message

    structure after rendering.

  • Eventhandler.cfc code optimization, no longer need of writing an init method.

    PLEASE REMOVE THEM unless you have any code that needs to be executed every time

    an event is called. Look at:

  • Renderview can now accept a view name as a parameter. You can then render a view

    anywhere you want, layouts, within views, event handlers, etc, and as content variables.


  • New Plugins: FileWriter & StringBuffer
  • Framework/Application extensions via custom plugins, declared in config.xml.cfm
  • Coldbox Logging Facilities: ColdBox now provides you with a per application

    logging facility for errors and custom (error|fatal|information|warning) entries by

    simplify filling out two settings in your config.xml and using the logger plugin.

  • Event Handlers/Plugins now have a "rc" scope available, that is a direct line to the request collection.
  • New Method: paramValue("var name","default") same as cfparam but for the request collection.
  • cfcViewer plugin was revised. You can now use it to render documentation with any


  • New i18n and Resource Bundles Plugins based on Paul Hastings work.
  • New Method: getSettingStructure( structure, deep_copy_flag ) Retrieves the entire configStruct

    or the fwSettingsStructure.

  • Mapping of Exception Types:
  • Check out the latest API:
  • New Dashboard (Will be release later)
  • Eclipse Snippets
  • New sample applications: i18n Gallery, samples gallery, coldboxreader, Illidium CFC Generator

You can also check out the progress of the new ColdBox Dashboard which will be used to maintan a ColdBox installation, tool sets, logging and auditing for all your framework enabled applications, auto-updates and more.

Open Dashboard Here

The default password to use is "coldbox"

So welcome to a new era for ColdBox, where it will continue to move towards a pure event driven framework, based on proven design patterns and help you achieve more in less time and with no complex XML dialects. So give it a try. Post here all your comments, questions and suggestions.

The offical bug email is b[email protected], or you can report them to the forums.


oscar arevalo

Congratulations! I've been using most of the new features of these release thanks to the preview versions I got from Luis and I can still say the Coldbox is still my favorite coldfusion framework... Great job Luis, and I can't wait to see all the features that are planned for the next version.

Sami Hoda

Very impressive. I'll be finishing a project, and ColdBox exploration is next on my list. Well done.

Rob Gonda

First of all, please explain how every single blog entry you've ever written is related to this one? :)

Now seriously, congrats, looking sharp. You should rename your software from Coldbox Framework to Coldbox Swiss Army Knife.

Notes of your dashboard, though I'm sure you already know: 1) your application builder stops at step three. 2) your cf admin link is broken. 3) your update tool says it found a new version it is already up to date.


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