Enabling iMovie 09 access to network drives

Enabling iMovie 09 access to network drives

Posted by Luis Majano
Sep 06, 2010 11:23:31 UTC
I just got my nice little iOmega StorCenter and been working with it for the past few days.  I got the 1TB Raid 1 edition to see how long it will last me now that baby Alexia is on its way.

Anyways, I wanted to configure iMovie to see the movies in the NAS storage.  After much googling, I found something that worked.  Just fire up a terminal and type away:

defaults write -app iMovie allowNV -bool true

Also, remember that iMovie,iDVD searches the root of the volumes for the following directories:
  • iDVD Projects
  • iMovie Projects
  • iMovie Events
So I recommend either putting those directories on the root or creating symbolic links to them.


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I want to know how to make users on home network access shared drives without password?

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