Enterprise Architect ColdFusion Generation Templates Released

Enterprise Architect ColdFusion Generation Templates Released

Posted by Luis Majano
Aug 31, 2010 14:35:49 UTC
I have used Sparx System Enterprise Architect for almost 4 years now and absolutely love working with it for UML design and also for ColdFusion code stub generation.  The only problem with EA is that it has to run on windows, sorry but I hate windows, but anyways.  I am finally opening my templates to the world so I can get more collaboration on them.  I took a project from Mike Ranklin I believe and updated lots of the source to make it work with ColdFusion 9 script syntax and also ORM entities. 

It is really great to have a great UML model and stub out our ORM entities out of it.  So if you are interested, the project is here and help out.


Mark Mandel

Ever thought about running Sparx via CrossOver office for Mac?

It's Gold Certified. http://www.codeweavers.com/compatibility/browse/name/?app_id=7441


Sounds great, I'll give it a try. Thanks for sharing!

Luis Majano

Thanks mark never seen that so will definitely try it out


Excellent - thanks for that - was just about to create a partition on my MBP just for Enterprise Architect.

Peter Robertson

Luis, this is really exciting. Have evaluated EA a number of times and am about to take the plunge. Would these templates allow importation of cf code for the generation of flowcharts?

I'm on a project working with someone else's code at the moment and this would help greatly with refactoring. I have had a look at 'Visustin', a source code reverse engineering tool and it supports CF with surprisingly good results, but is a bit expensive given that this is all it does.



Luis Majano

Hi Peter,

Unfortunately I have not looked into that, but it would be amazing.

Peter Robertson

Ah, indeed it would, but alas! I've just had a look at the action script code importer for EA and all it does is build class diagrams. There doesn't seem to be any ability around logic, as in an activity diagram, so that's disappointing. Most anything legacy (which is where you'd be most likely to want to do this), is unlikely to have nicely formed classes and is more likely to be great reams of logic. If you get a chance, do have a look at the demo of Visustin. It's annoying as it's quite crippled, but to see a huge flowchart just appear from a big piece of CF source was quite impressive. They have two versions, $249 and $499. The former seems to just grab a diagram which you can print and save, but I don't think edit. The latter allows editing and annotation, plus export to Visio. Let us know what you think if you try it.

Michael ranklin | Monaschilling

[...] Enterprise Architect ColdFusion Generation Templates Released …Aug 31, 2010 … I took a project from Mike Ranklin I believe and updated lots of the source to make it work with ColdFusion 9 script syntax and also ORM entities … [...]

Will B.

Not sure those templates work as expected. I have them installed and am able to generate code with them, but neither the classes (components) nor interfaces generate the inheritance attributes or the implements attributes.

I see in the templates, as best I can read them, that there SEEMS to be generation features for these, but they just aren't showing up in my code. And I do have them in the diagram.

Will B.

I guess, though, it could be that these templates are over two years old and I'm on a newer version of EA probably.

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