Github Fever

Github Fever

Posted by Luis Majano
Aug 24, 2010 08:46:55 UTC

As you might have noticed from the ColdBox migrations, we are moving to github.  I took the decision to migrate our source code over for several reasons that you git fans might already know.  However, not only did I move because of the version control system, but because it allows for easier community involvement in the projects.  This to me was key.  So instead of tons of headaches with SVN patches, just fork the dang thing, patch it and send me a request.  So hopefully, this will allow for more community involvements. 

I am also moving my personal projects to github and you can find them on my personal space.


John Farrar

Is there a way to maintain the main trunk on SVN in a pragmatic way and run the actual development on GIT? (Rather have you or anyone else actually practiced a pragmatic way to achieve this?)

Andrew Scott

I have to agree, as I have many projects that are running ColdBox stored in an SVN respository I also use the SVN Externals to keep the latest code for our up and coming ColdBox 3.0 applications.

Now that this has moved over to GIT, this makes our development process step that little bit harder.

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