Install Android USB drivers windows 7 64/32-bit

Install Android USB drivers windows 7 64/32-bit

Posted by Luis Majano
Aug 11, 2010 15:51:11 UTC

I am now happy doing some cool Android development and doing it on the MAC is amazingly simple, just connect the device to the USB port and enable USB debugging by doing the following on your device:

  • Settings > Applications > Development > Enable USB Debugging

The problem, as with the majority of things, is windows #fail.  To get your Android phone to work on windows 7 so you can debug it and install apps is a pain in the buttocks.  Anyways, after much loosing time and hair, the easiest solution was to use PDANet.  So just download PDANet and follow the instructions, it really solves all the nasty issues in Windows 7 to get the pesky USB drivers to work and as an added bonus, you can use it to tether your phone!

Cheers from Android Land!



Hm, out of curiousity, which problems? I simply installed the SDK, connected my Desire, and it worked right away on my Windows 7 x64. Same with tethering, though now with Froyo I use the built in wifi access point instead.

Luis Majano

Hi Tomas, I did not get the same luxury of just plugging my device and windows 7 installing it and being able to use it. I have an HTC Aria and once connected it just installed the mass storage device but left the ADB device with a yellow marker. After trying and trying to manually update the driver to the SDK's usb drivers, the update would not work.

I then tried to do it via PDANet's driver installation and it worked. Go figure, it might be the HTC phone itself.


After scouring forums to figure out how to get Windows in my VMware to correctly install the drivers, PDAnet worked beautifully. I just uninstalled and reinstalled HTC Sync, and for whatever reason, it picked up everything beautifully as if there were never an issue... Silly Aria.

samsung user

Thanks man . finaly I got my pc running windows 7 64-bit to recognize samsung


Worked like a Charm for HTC Evo. Thanks much. !!!!! I spent about 4 hours trying to get this to work and your solution had me up and going in < 5 min.


THANK YOU! Like Steve, I hooked this up and my HTC Incredible was good to go moments later after hours of frustration! \m/\m/

Luis Majano

I know!! It took me forever and this was the easiest solution I could find!


Thanks a lot ...i spent a lot of time debugging.. your method is working great !!


nice, worked for me too..thanks a lot!



  • How can I enable a device (e.g: USB camera) which work on ( Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / NT / XP / Vista 32bit ) to be worked on Android OS ?

How can I enable a device (e.g: USB camera) which work on ( Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / NT / XP / Vista 32bit ) to be worked on Linux OS ?

I am really in need to an answer as soon as possible.


Thanks for this post, it saved me some trouble.

HTC and Samsung

I switched from developing on a Mac to Windows 7 64 bit and this solution worked for my Samsung Intercept and HTC Incredible. I first used it to install the HTC driver, but then it wouldn't recognize Samsung. I let it uninstall the first driver, then I installed for Samsung, and not they both are recognized. Only solution to the Android USB driver problem that has worked for me


Not working for me ... tested with HTC Desire HD


It worked man! Thanks. :)

Patric Jonsson

Thanks! But seriously, the step "Installing PdaNet to you phone..." takes like forever, currently about 10 minutes. Can anyone confirm this or is it just me?

Gene Beaty

PDAnet worked when I first installed it and then later stopped working with my Samsung and despite 2 reinstalls on phone, it will not tether

Natalia Costas Lago

Totally right. Installing PDAnet it works :))))). Thanx a lot.

Ed de Guzman

great info!

i have a samsung q1running winxp3 on celeron m 900 mhz.

how can i install android to make my umpc dual boot?

thank you and more power!


Thanks for sharing the resource. Totally fixed my problem


thank you


thank u! :) works perfectly!


get android usb drive for win 7 32bit


This solved my problem in Win 7 64-bit. Thanks! :-)


thx. i've tried it on my samsung galaxy w. and it really works the magic.


Thanks a lot. Now I can see my phone with command "adb devices" on win 7 x64


Some one please help me...

i have karbonn a7... i want install apps in sd card... but when i try to execute "adb" shell command it says "device not found" i installed pdanet software... it installed some drivers.... but still i have the above problem... how to overcome the problem of device not found in adb...


how can it connect to my sony ericson xperia play..i cant connect to internet and usb tethering

Francois Bonin

Well , for me it does not work , i can see my disks on the browther , but when i click on it says "please insert a disk into removable disk" , either with my samsung galaxy y , or my tablet.

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