Need help with CFBuilder 2 CFC resolution

Need help with CFBuilder 2 CFC resolution

Posted by Luis Majano
May 24, 2011 20:54:04 UTC
I just wanted to see if somebody can help me out something that has completely alluded me with CFBuilder 2.  Here is the scenario.

1. I have a server setup that points to this web root: /sites/cboxdev/core and maps to http://cboxdev.myserver
2. I have a project setup that points to this root: /sites/cboxdev/core/coldbox and is connected to the server above
3. So basically, whenever I open any CFC that points to a CFC: coldbox.system.* Builder complains it cannot find that resolution path.  However, the "coldbox" portion is the project iteself. So how can I tell builder that this project is the actual resolving root?

Does it make sense?



Hi Luis !

I'm not an expert but I think should try this settings. Using CFBuilder 2 ColdFusion server setup, in "local server settings" : Server home => ColdFusion server installation path Document root => Web server root path You may also have to setup a URL prefix

If this don't solve the issue you can try adding a mapping in ColdFusion server.

Please let me know if it was helpfull

Donaldo @I_TwitIT

Marko Simic

I had a lot of problems with CFC resolution until I witched to CF9. There's no e-document I didn't read trying to make this work on CF8. Have you tried that? Did I understand you correctly If i say that "coldbox" is subdir document root (/sites/cboxdev/core/)?


I'm probably missing something from the post (haven't had my first coffee) but...

Isn't your CFC in system.* ? You're already in the directory coldbox if that's your root no?

Craig Kaminsky

This makes total sense and, in fact, I have run into this same issue with one of my projects. What's been odd is that on some launches (of CFB), it will work correctly and find my CFCs or my CFM files references in a cfinclude tag. On other launches, it will not find them.

Unfortunately, I've never gotten it to work consistently and would, very much, love to find a solution as well.

Luis Majano

so, yes "coldbox" is the subdirectory in my webroot and the root of my CFC paths.

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